since May 16th, the 2016 Green Fair Executive Committee began to focus on office, co-ordinate arrangements for the preparation of the organization, the Department of the work. 2016 Green Fair, the implementation of the project has signed a contract of 346, with a total investment of $142 billion 90 million, unchanged from the same period last year.

it is understood that this year’s Fair will be contracted projects, investment 1 billion yuan more than the project, accounting for about 55% of the proposed contract amount of $31. From the industrial distribution, projects involving new energy, new materials, equipment manufacturing, chemical industry and infrastructure, agriculture and animal husbandry, trade, logistics, culture, tourism and other 17 industries, including 153 industrial projects, accounting for 51%.

in addition, the office of the office of the committee is currently working to develop the main preparatory work schedule, and to seek the project department, exhibition department, reception department, the Ministry of the forum, recently issued.