to solve the problem of poor urban and rural life in winter, the Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau to take twelve measures to maintain basic living in poor urban and rural residents are real, do solid work, and efforts to improve people’s livelihood, so that urban and rural poor people feel the care and warmth of the party and the government.

, 87 thousand and 600 376 thousand and 600 people were affected by the masses winter relief food 2 million 100 thousand yuan, which is currently issued. Two, for the family of 83 thousand and 600 people in rural areas of low-income families to raise allowances and subsistence allowances for the capital of $45 million 205 thousand, has now been fully cashed to the people of the people’s Republic of China, in order to meet the needs of the people of the world. Three, for the purpose of guaranteeing the timely payment of 75 thousand and 800 households in November to protect the city of 11 million 626 thousand and 200 yuan (including temporary subsidies of $4 million 558 thousand and 700) in. Four, improve the standard of subsistence allowances for urban residents winter heating, heating subsidies issued a total of 14 million 839 thousand and 500 yuan. Five, for rural residents object and part five objects issuance of heating assistance payments 4 million 822 thousand yuan, has been distributed to all users. Six to 2364 households, 2813 five issued five guarantees gold 5 million 521 thousand and 100 yuan, at present, the beneficiaries of life stability. Seven, the implementation of urban medical assistance measures, from 10 to November for the purposes of the city of 381 people to provide medical assistance funds of $310 thousand. Eight, for 90 thousand people in rural areas, the cost of reimbursement of medical expenses of $9 million 137 thousand and 400, and effectively protect the rural people to seek medical treatment. Nine, to ensure the basic livelihood of the affected people, for 1 million 643 thousand yuan relief funds centralized procurement of flour and bedding allocated in the near future. Ten, rural reconstruction funds allocated 5 million yuan, Beishan rock victims relocation funds 4 million 810 thousand yuan, completed the renovation of dilapidated buildings in rural areas in 1430 households, 458 households relocated victims 150 thousand yuan; the implementation of temporary assistance funds, give temporary relief to the special difficulties of the masses. Eleven, the year 2008 to send warmth, love donation donation activities, the municipal authorities donated more than 17 yuan, in the Spring Festival to the rural poor. Twelve, actively arrange condolences activities during the two, key condolences 3 severely affected villages, 30 households, five households in rural, urban and rural key special object.

through the above measures to ensure the safety of urban and rural poor people live.