December 10th, the city of Xining City District totalzhai Zhen Niu Gou Gou, wild cattle Ueno two village of 300 households, 1166 villagers xishangmeishao. In the city district government and relevant departments for the positive, the state issued, as cattle ditch two village remote poverty relocation project in the central budget investment plan project officially started, the villagers will be moved to the mountain from the hill, the end of travel difficult, difficult, difficult children to school, the older youth marriage difficult days.

According to the general

Zhai Zhen relevant person in charge of the cattle ditch ditch, wild cattle Ueno is a shallow mountain village, 17 kilometers from the town government, due to the shallow, Alexander goushen, scattered villages, poor natural conditions, blocking traffic, coupled with drought, crop yield is not high, very difficult for local farmers to live. To this end, the total will be relocated to the town of 300 households as a whole, ranging from the town government is not far from the village of Tong Tong wan. This project has a total investment of 53 million 520 thousand yuan, covers an area of 180 acres, the construction period of two years, is expected to be completed next year. Intends to build 300 rural housing, 6.2 km of human and livestock drinking water pipelines and household water supply equipment, 300 tons of hardened roads, such as 8 km.