What kind of price in our province is the need for government departments to pricing? Involving people’s livelihood, water supply, heating, traffic, education and other related aspects of the price of the charges in the end who will develop? Approved by the provincial government, the national development and Reform Commission approved, recently, the province officially announced the new "Qinghai pricing catalog". After the full adjustment and integration of the original pricing catalog, the province’s pricing catalog set up 10 categories of 30 specific projects. New price list since January 1, 2016 implementation.

– not list the government no longer pricing government loan highway vehicle communication fees and road passenger transport (outside of rural passenger transport) price set by the Department in charge of Transportation traffic in conjunction with the provincial department in charge of price; fees universities, secondary occupation school formulated by the provincial price department jointly with the competent departments of Finance and education…… It is understood that the new pricing catalog including electricity, natural gas, water supply and drainage, heating, transportation, education, real estate and property services, medical services, an important part of public utilities and notary service charges and other important professional services such as the ten major categories of prices. According to the relevant provisions of the price law, there is no price list included in the price of goods and services, in addition to special provisions, the government no longer set prices.

– pricing project greatly reduced, it is reported that the newly revised pricing catalog in Qinghai province mainly do the adjustment in three aspects: one is greatly reduced pricing projects, from the original 17 categories of 37 adjustment integrated into 10 categories of 30 specific projects. Two is the local pricing catalog removed the contents of the central pricing catalog. Three is to retain the pricing of the project has been further standardized, to achieve a list of management.

– the price of power in the sunshine it is understood that the direction of the market this revised pricing catalog price reform is conducive to adhere to the market to play a decisive role in the allocation of resources, promote the transformation of the mode of economic development, promote structural adjustment and upgrading; to accelerate the transformation of government functions, to further standardize the behavior of government pricing, the price the power in the sun.

– and consistent directory does not modify the repeal pricing version of the directory published after the implementation of the province’s cities, the state government and the relevant departments shall not consistent with the pricing catalog, should be promptly amended or repealed, included in the catalogue of project pricing, to improve the pricing method, the implementation of market regulated prices for goods and services, industry authorities should strengthen the business conduct regulation.