now society, innovation has become a main theme, at the same time, in many places in the city, advocate innovation a slogan that recently, in Qingdao launched a policy like this, let’s look at.

, reform

for the first time to carry out the innovation team in the province of Technology Award award. Award for innovation team in city science and technology progress award. In accordance with the standard of review and award the first prize, awarded each year does not exceed the number of 4.

for the first time to carry out technological entrepreneurship award in China Science and technology award. The increase of science and technology entrepreneurship award in science and technology progress award, first prize, two prize points and third-prize three grade assessment once a year, every time the number of not more than 20.

broaden the recommended channels. Based on the original recommendation channels, explore the play association society, subordinate industry associations in the management of scientific and technological achievements and awards recommended work for the first time, given the recommended qualifications, in order to undertake the functions of the government decentralization pilot work. To give the city incubator Association, advocacy technology entrepreneurship news media and other units of scientific and technological innovation awards recommended qualifications, improve the social participation of the award.

cancel limit recommended. This year, the Qingdao Municipal Science and Technology Award for the first time the introduction of an unlimited amount recommended to recommend recommended units recommend outstanding scientific and technological achievements. In order to ensure the quality of the various types of awards recommended by the standard clearly defined, strict recommended conditions, standardize the reporting behavior.

implementation review the whole process of information disclosure. Recommended for the first time to accept the link to complete the unit where the person, the recommendation unit and the city to do three reward system publicity, increase publicity content. The implementation of the proposed project publicity system. Public review committee of experts, urging experts to perform their duties objectively and impartially. Standard review meeting process, the implementation of semi closed management, unified custody of the phone, the end of the day review, the results announced the same day. The results of the public review, review and review committee Assessment Network