– Datong County to quickly clear the debris flow caused by landslides

    in late August 16th 21, Datong County Township treasure house of heavy rainfall led to Ning Zhang highway K71+700 meters -900 meters landslides caused by debris flow of more than 8 thousand cubic meters, 4 vehicles were trapped, traffic disruption, no casualties. After that disaster, chase county government immediately launched the emergency plan, municipal committee, party secretary Yan Shujiang, deputy magistrate Li Shiying, county committee, deputy mayor Li Tianlu rushed to the scene the first time, timely organization of land, public security, transportation, water supply, fire protection, civil affairs, Haidong highway, treasure township government and other unit personnel dispatched emergency repair equipment and to carry out repair work, rescue trapped personnel vehicle. Until about 00:40 on the morning of August 17th, the collapse of all cleared, Ning Zhang highway normal passage.

that night, trapped in the vehicle after all the danger, that treasure Xiang ha Jia Ju Cun rainstorm cause individual farmers housing water, Yan Shujiang line came to the village to inspect, condolences to the affected people, the treasure house of the township party committee and government requirements of water supply, civil affairs and other departments properly arranged relief work, continue to strengthen flood analysis and information work, encountered danger to rapid response and ensure the safety of people’s lives.  

first time rushed to the scene directing rescue

vehicle escape, personnel safety

to treasure the village of Kazakhstan home TSUI VILLAGE visit condolences to the masses

to treasure the village of Kazakhstan home TSUI VILLAGE visit condolences to the masses