The morning of February 7th, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Jianjun has arrived in Qinghai, even a reserve brigade antichemical Xining fire brigade squadron and the Joint Logistics Department of Lanzhou military region 25 branch secretary training battalion, officers and soldiers to visit the troops, to extend the blessings of their. Vice governor Liu Zhiqiang accompanied condolences.

A, Wang Jianjun had listened to the report, a detailed understanding of their training, learning and living conditions. In the provincial military reserve brigade officers and soldiers in the chemical company, Wang Jianjun requirements to enhance the technical level at the same time, the popularity of chemical knowledge earnestly, to provide security for the people more widely. In Xining City Fire Brigade squadron, Wang Jianjun pointed out that fire safety is closely related with the production and life of the people, the fire officers and soldiers to fulfill their duties, continue to provide protection for the people of all nationalities live and work in peace. In the Lanzhou military command 25 division, Wang Jianjun wants the troops to cultivate more excellent talents, to better serve the construction of the army and the people resident.