Friends of the general public:

firmly establish patriotic values, a patriotic love of people.

patriotic love is a citizen’s basic moral requirements, but also the fine tradition of the Chinese nation, only the good of the country, we will be good. We should correctly handle the relationship between personal interests and national interests and collective interests, the pursuit of personal value with the fully completed objectives linked to the well-off society, actively to achieve the dream of China, to contribute to the construction of people’s satisfaction with the life of the city, the city of happiness.

firmly establish dedicated values, a dedication of the people.

firmly establish the integrity of value concept, do an honest and trustworthy person.

firmly establish friendly values, to do a good person.

is a friendly way of citizen basic, but also to promote the spiritual bond of social harmony. We want to be a caring person, goodwill, love, and actively participate in volunteer service and learning Lei Feng and moral practice, the socialist core values internalized in the heart, outside of the line, to create "moral high ground", focusing on the construction of "the spirit of the family circle".