In the city hit the city of Xining, we need a city charity action. Today’s launch of the sunflower love action to the city to give each person a hands-on love provides a platform.

we need public welfare activities and volunteer service, because every era needs some upward spirit to nourish public life. Human civilization is a process from harmony to harmony.

Xining has emerged numerous volunteers as a cause of public service, they have love, responsibility, for the community to create well-being, but also to achieve a wonderful life. Yan Liping established taxi brother Lei Feng love team is more than ten years as one day to do public service activities, they moved to love many people in Xining.

dedication love, promote public welfare activities, is our Chinese virtue. In the long history of Chinese traditional culture, regardless of the Confucian ideas of "benevolence", or Mohist advocated "universal love", is the call of love. The building of a harmonious socialist society, also need the dedication of love.

love student, but also a kind of public welfare, student love to help those poor mountain children go to school, to help those left-behind children learning in the comfort of the classroom, to help those children to go to school to achieve the dream of excellent in character and learning. Everyone has their own love, to see the mountains of children in such a bad environment to study, will think of their own way to help them.

gifts of roses, fragrance in hand. The prospect of social love student action traces, seem to find many philanthropists, such as one of the ten big China touched Guo Mingyi, a life to help children round school dream, rescue a dying child; the same people had moved to Xinjiang guy Ali wood, in Guizhou, Bijie set up a stall selling mutton string over the years, with the money, do not know how much to help students, but also out of savings, set up scholarships at the Guizhou University and Bijie University. In addition to grass roots, as well as entrepreneurs, the recent frequent appearances of Chen Guangbiao, to show their own actions in the area of love students.

, however, only one love team, individual philanthropists, more than a hundred volunteers, their power is limited after all. Currently, there are too many in the city of three counties in the mountains too much in the harsh environment of children need love. They don’t have bags, they don’t have good stationery and desks. Love needs to learn the city action, the need for more volunteers like Lei Feng, Xining love to join the team.

sparks of fire can start a prairie fire. A straw can be easily broken, if hundreds of thousands of straw together, the strength of the immeasurable. As a part of Xining, we have an obligation to assume social responsibility, to do their ability to help those poor children, a new bag, a dictionary, a warm water bag…… Participate in the evening news sunflower love action to send a child a big public welfare activities, so that your love has become the most brilliant children in the mountains of the sun, warm life. Author: Sheng nan;