Huangzhong County, the first "Arts Festival" will be held from July 23rd to August 25th

County, Huangzhong, the first "Arts Festival" will be held from July 23rd to August 25th. In order to do a good job in the first session of the Arts Festival, the county to take effective measures to ensure that the festival preparatory work in an orderly manner.

– highlight the theme. to "humanistic Huangzhong, sacred tourism" as the theme, showing the Kumbum Monastery Buddhist culture cultural charm and sports activities, to build the Huangzhong county sports activities to further enhance Huangzhong cultural brand, brand awareness and influence.

– determining activity content. During the Festival, the opening ceremony performances, South Foshan "flowers", Kumbum Monastery in June six "Sun Buddha" festival, Lantau Peak Kunlun Zha Ma long cultural festival, Xiangshan, DOPA Dachaoshan will "sweet Bahrain card" the first Qinghai Tibet high original exhibition, the fifth Qinghai Art Festival, Huangzhong arts and crafts exhibition Thangka "East is take", "Bahrain card" Outdoor Camp Camp Activities and landscape corridor hiking fitness activities and other 10 activities will be colorful form to show my county culture style, provide rich and colorful cultural feast of art for the masses and tourists to huang.

— strengthening cooperation mechanism. led by the Huangzhong county sports work leading group, formulate activities the first "Cameroon Art Festival" plan, organization and coordination of public security, transportation, housing, tourism, science and technology, culture and sports broadcasting, health and other departments, exchange information, cooperate closely, organize various activities arranged for the festival, and do a good job of public security, traffic, fire, health and other related work, ensure that the Huangzhong county first "Cameroon Art Festival" was held successfully.

– increase publicity efforts. combined with the actual Huangzhong, Huangzhong to expand cultural brand awareness and cultural characteristics of Huangzhong mining resources combine to create a festival atmosphere to meet the needs of the people and the cultural life of the masses together, make full use of newspapers, television, radio, network media all-round, multi-channel propaganda first "Cameroon Art Festival", showing a colorful local culture of Huangzhong, and create a healthy and harmonious cultural atmosphere.