to ensure the successful completion of the 2012 urban and rural residents pension insurance target, September 5th to 11, Datong County Rural Residents pension insurance Leading Group Office of the county’s 20 townships (community) the new agricultural insurance, the city ranks the work carried out a comprehensive inspection.

inspection team to send a message to each one, send policy, send experience, and field view of the new agricultural security convenience service hall. 2012 Bulletin of urban and rural pension insurance renewal and number reduction situation. This paper introduces the advanced work experience of some new rural agricultural insurance, and emphasizes the objective and task of urban residents and farmers. And township leaders, the new agricultural insurance co hosted the forum, in particular the urban and rural pension insurance collection measures in detail, the existing problems of a comprehensive understanding. Inspection team noted that the work of the new township agricultural insurance work in the next step to consolidate the results of the article, in the promotion of efforts to expand the face, in the optimization of the service effort, to promote the effectiveness of standardized management.

is to further strengthen safety supervision of funds, establish the fine management concept, the premium must be issued notes and fill in according to the requirements; two is the insurance fee which received the deposit, cash can not be a long time remain in the hands of staff; three is the time reported the death of personnel information to form a normalization treatment is four; a list of persons to meet the strict publicity, accept supervision by the masses, to prevent the loss of pension; five is to do a good job of rural two handling demonstration building, set up models to promote new agricultural insurance work smoothly. The six is to establish the township of the insured personnel information ledger and bill with the verification of the ledger, the signature of the account, etc.. The seven is to require the township farmers seize funds advanced the prime time, vigorously carry out the new agricultural insurance, city home insurance payment, and strive to complete the annual task at the end of October.