after a night of spring rain, the air in Xining has become particularly fresh, located in the village of the village of Fu Tong Tang River Green Road presents a fiery scene of labor. April 15th early in the morning, from the provincial forestry department, the Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry, the provincial environmental protection department and other 83 units of more than 400 cadres and workers, gathered here for voluntary tree planting, set off a wave of tree planting.

, digging shovel, soil, in the planting site, everybody busy. Although the spring after the muddy road, dirt stained trousers, but did not affect the enthusiasm of the cadres and workers of the plant. "As a civil servant, we should play an exemplary role, actively participate in various afforestation activities, to plant a tree, a tree and a live, a piece of green, and make its due contribution to the construction of ecological Xining." In the field of planting Xiao Li said.

it is understood that the voluntary tree planting activities of more than 1 thousand and 500 trees, planted trees are mainly Qinghai spruce, pine, He Beiyang, etc.. In recent years, the province continued to increase afforestation, ecological environment management efforts, the province’s ecological construction and environmental protection achieved remarkable results. 2015, the province completed 1 million 668 thousand acres of afforestation, voluntary tree planting of 15 million, the village green 300. High standards to complete the airport and industrial parks, photovoltaic parks, towns and other key areas around 29 thousand and 300 acres of afforestation, Xining, North and south of the city of East and West, two acres of green land of 52 thousand and 600 acres.