as a service three rural financial main force and poverty alleviation and development of financial services Bank, Qinghai province rural credit cooperatives, financial poverty alleviation and construction of rural credit together, farmers do not need any collateral, by virtue of their own "credit" loans. Moreover, with the credit rating, the amount of loans can continue to improve. Thus, our province farmers become channel users, at ease farmers’ loans at the same time, the rural credit environment can be significantly improved.

stopped in the town of Huangzhong County lung card card Yang village, 54 year old Hou Wanhai red letter of credit and real estate license wrapped in a handkerchief, carefully locked in the cupboard. Last year, I borrowed 20 thousand yuan to raise a dozen pigs, although a lot of losses, but it is difficult for me to put the bank’s loans are still on, or else the loan can be difficult. This year, I would like to point more money, raise forty or fifty pigs, and quickly save money to build a new house." Hou Wanhai looked at his home because of the moth eaten and dilapidated old house, determined to get rid of poor families hat.

in Huangzhong County, LAN Long Kou Zhen Xia Lu Er Cun, a "cooperative loan office double linkage", rural credit cooperatives and grass-roots party organizations and members of the exchange (hanging) staff to boost financial precise poverty. Now, after the village of poor households to get credit in the Ruhr, you can stake in the village of vegetable cultivation cooperatives dividends, you can also work in a cooperative wage.

from the past "money into my hand is my money", to the concept of change of the loan repayment, the initiative to become rich, then it is not difficult to, with the enthusiasm of local farmers and herdsmen get rich industry growing, with "credit" loans to farmers and herdsmen to cherish their own credit. To this end, Huangzhong County Rural Credit Cooperative Union also benefited, not only out of the "high risk society" hat, and the first in rural credit cooperatives system behavior, become a kind of agency.


, Huangzhong County deputy magistrate Qi Hongshou said, all the time, because there is no collateral loans to farmers, plus Huangzhong County once because of loans difficult, the social impact is not good, farmers loans more difficult to. In recent years, the credit rating of rural credit cooperatives is not only convenient for farmers to solve the financial difficulties of the farmers to get rich, but also to establish a sense of integrity. It can be said that the assessment of credit households, the realization of rural material civilization and spiritual civilization of the double increase.

According to reports, by the end of 2015, the province’s rural credit cooperatives to poverty alleviation and development work put 1 billion 85 million yuan of credit funds, poverty alleviation and development loans balance of $1 billion 6 million. At the same time, the provincial rural credit cooperatives to establish a "Five" precise poverty alleviation service mechanism, namely the local poverty alleviation Bureau designated the 1 liaison, responsible to the rural credit cooperatives, poverty alleviation project recommended loans to households; the village (community) designated 1 coordinators, responsible for assisting the rural credit cooperatives investigation, management and recovery of poverty alleviation loans., and guide the poor support in helping the poor industrial projects, improve active repayment consciousness; rural credit cooperatives designated 1 attendants, responsible for carrying out financial knowledge publicity and consultation and handle the relevant work of poverty alleviation loans; to establish 1 precise poverty financial services archives, issued by the 1 letter of credit. At present, the rural credit cooperatives;