6 7, sponsored by the provincial government, the provincial finance office hosted the Qinghai Finance Forum and the free trade zone of Chinese enterprises in the "going out" forum of the 50 forum held in Qinghai Convention Center in. Provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining, governor Hao Peng, the provincial CPPCC Chairman Ren Qing Jia, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee Wang Jianjun attended the meeting, Provincial Standing Committee and executive vice governor Zhang Guangrong for the closing speech, the provincial Party committee, propaganda minister Zhang Ximing presided.

Free Trade Zone Chinese enterprises going out 50 people forum summer forum keynote speaker, the famous economist Yifu Lin, Wu Xiaoling, and President of the opening and innovation around the topic of the lecture on the topic of the.

Yifu Lin is the director of the Peking University, counselor of the State Council, the new economic structure research center FTA — China enterprises to "go out" director of the academic committee of 50 forum. He "to" The Belt and Road "initiative and China and the new world economic pattern" as the theme, the deepening reform of our country to keep pace with the times, to promote the background and significance of the implementation of the FTA construction and The Belt and Road "strategy. Yifu Lin pointed out that "The Belt and Road" initiative is to further deepen the use of domestic and international "two markets", "two kinds of resources, perfect socialist market economy system, an important strategy to solve the internal contradictions of. Qinghai as an important node of Silk Road Economic Belt, with stronger sense of openness, into "the development trend of The Belt and Road", with more bonus reform, boost economic transformation and upgrading.

Wu Xiaoling is currently a member of the NPC Standing Committee, deputy director of the finance committee, Dean of the Wudaokou Institute of finance, Tsinghua University. She pointed out that, at present, China’s economic transformation is not bad money, the difference is the effective use of funds operating mechanism. The key reason of enterprise financing, the financing of the infrastructure investment, government debt and real estate investment takes up a lot of credit resources, rigid payment and unconstrained debt financing and raise the market price, the enterprise financial management is not standardized, the business model is not stable and weak credit basis are the internal factors. According to the actual Province, Wu Xiaoling suggested that Qinghai can focus on regional and ecological resources, do a good job of photothermal conversion of large articles, the development of ecological agriculture, the Qinghai into a national demonstration area of inclusive finance.

Tang Min is a counselor of the State Council, LGOP social entrepreneur foundation executive vice chairman, the FTA — China enterprises to "go out" 50 forum director of academic committee. He takes "how to" Internet plus in Qinghai poverty alleviation precise ", through the analysis of examples, the effective use of Internet technology and city volunteer resources to carry out the business of poverty alleviation, and through the network education to realize the sharing of educational resources, new ideas to prevent intergenerational poverty.


Roundtable forum held in the afternoon, the FTA China enterprises to "go out" 50 forum summer forum of experts and scholars and financial institutions in our province and service-oriented enterprises, resource-based enterprises, manufacturing business representatives around the enterprises to go global and international cooperation capacity "is discussed.

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