In July 16th, province admissions college admission and enrollment fraud, prevent complex voluntary send reminder to the students and parents.

* candidates can log in Qinghai recruitment information network query admission results, but also through the college admissions website query results, or call the school admissions office Tel.

– college entrance notice in accordance with the college entrance examination in accordance with the college entrance examination to provide the contact address, in July 10th began to send, please check the majority of candidates.

candidates beware of enrollment fraud. College entrance examination has been carried out in full swing, according to the situation in previous years, during the college entrance examination for admissions fraud prone, frequent. Enrollment is very serious, rigorous, rigorous, transparent, any qualified candidates are not normal admission, all admission procedures need not through intermediaries or middlemen, the majority of candidates do not believe the so-called intermediary or intermediary lies, beware be deceived. Admissions work discipline inspection and supervision office report Tel: 6304890.

– from the first batch of undergraduate admission, each batch of runback candidates to pay attention to complex volunteer time, each batch of the remaining plans and the need to fill complex volunteer candidates list, respectively, according to the original provisions of the time related information published in Qinghai recruitment information network, the examinee according to the prescribed time to fill complex test district admissions volunteer.