2011 January 6 afternoon, the city bus company, the three branch of the office of the nine phone rang, "hello! Is it a bus company? 23 road is not you tube? I am a passenger, I want to tell you one thing, one of your 23 drivers for the elderly service attitude is very good, I would like to praise him!".

originally, 6 January afternoon, Mr. Yang to go out to work at Simon passengers sit on a bus 23, the day because of the cold weather, there are few people in the car, when the car driving to the vehicle management station, by the station door at this time, a man of more than and 70 years old people slowly from the front compartment the seat, each arm slowly walked to the back door. Yang said: "the old couple was walking very slowly, it turned out that the old man has a leg disability, so go slow. At that time, he thought: this time the driver will complain that they go too slow, and perhaps curse." All the passengers on the bus looked at the two old people, there are concerns, apathy, impatient, at this time the atmosphere was quiet. At this moment, the driver said: "teacher, do not worry, slowly, we are waiting for you!" What a simple, warm word! Mr. Yang moved, the passengers on the car moved, and some passengers stand up and help the two old man to get off, the mouth of the elderly have been two thank you. Mr. Yang said: "I really did not think the driver would say that, to do this, the bus driver good! Because hurry to get off, I did not remember the license plate number, is a male driver." After the team staff inquiries, the driver is 23 Road No. 16607 car Hou Zhancai comrades!

now is the company to carry out the "civilized security big 50 days" quality service competition, comrade Hou Zhancai is enthusiastic, patience, careful service for passengers, the driver is an example of bus, at the event, we should establish the safe operation, quality service and passenger bus, required for business the concept, and guide passengers traveling civilization, and jointly create a mutual respect and mutual love, harmonious and warm atmosphere inside the bus window, create civilization.