Industrial and Commercial Bureau "sponsored by the province to send jobs to college together talent in enterprise" special recruitment of college graduates will be held at the Qinghai National University Stadium, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau organized 84 companies participated in the recruitment fair.
in the special recruitment activities at the scene, 75 participating companies and see the media after their own come to the 9 enterprises in Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau organization, providing employment post 2646, related to enterprise management, accounting, secretarial, marketing, computer technicians, and other more than and 40 types, a total of 990 people hiring intentions, formal employment 67 people. Invited the National University of Qinghai and other 6 colleges and universities to participate in the recruitment of the top 18 elite recruitment. Participate in the special recruitment activities of nearly 10000 people, on-site promotional materials issued more than 1 copies, 3315 people received counseling. The special recruitment, is the history of Qinghai to participate in many enterprises, large scale, high level, many types of jobs, the employment of post treatment good employment action.