In January 6th, the reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, to promote the province to reduce community work burden, improve community governance capacity, promote the innovation of grassroots social governance, enhance the level of service for the people, in December 21, 2015, the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the provincial organization department issued the "notice" on the reduction of the community’s work burden improve community governance capacity, in order to reduce our province community work burden, improve community governance capacity to provide the policy support, around the actual introduction of the implementation of the program, and the burden of local directory listing by the end of June 2016, fully completed the task of community burden.

"notice" requirements according to the central and provincial government requirements, effectively solve the problem of the burden of community, community free from heavy transactional work out, ensure enough energy to carry out autonomous and serving the people. Comprehensive clean-up and integration for the working mechanism of the establishment of integrated community extension, compression community oriented inspection and assessment and appraisal standards activities, greatly reduce the community accounting statements, strictly regulate the use of seals community management, integration of community resources information network, accelerate the construction of community public service integrated information platform, promote community public services "one-stop" accept and through regional office.

"notice" urged all localities to combine community work burden, the establishment of community work strict access system. Where is the grassroots people’s government and its departments, mass organizations, neighborhood offices within their scope of matters, not to transfer to the community; all shall be community assistance matters, should be strictly in accordance with the community to assist the government work list management, and provide the necessary funding and working conditions; all events except the working directory list to be entrusted to the community to assist with the community, should be in accordance with the "right of equal consultation, with the responsibility to go with it turn fee, commission service" principle, by the entrusting party and the entrusted community signed a trust agreement, the implementation of the purchase service.

"Circular" pointed out that the development of community relief and improve community governance capacity, is a strong policy, involving a wide range of systems engineering, the relevant functional departments of Party committees and governments at all levels must attach great importance to strengthen the work measures, the formation of working together, earnestly implement the. The "notice" in the annex, the provincial Civil Affairs Department of the provincial Party Committee Organization Department, the existing laws and regulations and the central and provincial government documents as the basis, to tease out the community shall perform the duties according to law and assist matters, performance appraisal standards, work ledger, seal the scope of use five directory list, in conjunction with the actual implementation of the introduction. The list of local programs and reducing the burden before the end of June 2016, fully completed the task of community burden.