5 month 1 days, 51 small holiday for second days, our province ace of Qinghai Lake scenic tourists small peak, the Qinghai Lake scenic tourists 10990 passengers, compared with the previous day’s 6042 passengers, 4948 passengers increase.

is reported that a small holiday two days ago, Qinghai Lake scenic area received a total of 17032 tourists. Among them, 11628 tourists in the province, accounting for the total amount of the reception of 68.3%; foreign tourists of 5404 passengers, accounting for the total number of reception of 31.7%. Visitors to the Qinghai Lake scenic area to the elderly, children, students are the majority, and more to the family or friends of the main group tour.

statistics show that two days before the holiday to Qinghai Lake tourists mainly concentrated in the scenic scenic Jiro sword and bird island, the two point of the amount of the tourists reached 7675 passengers and 8224 passengers. The May 1st day Jiro sword scenic tourist reception capacity of 5220 passengers, compared with the previous day increased by 2725 people; the best time when the bird, the bird island scenic tourist reception capacity of 8224 passengers, an increase of 1764 compared to the previous day.

reporter learned that two days to enter the scenic parking lot vehicles reached 1200, of which the majority of private cars. With the rise of self driving tour, this year’s "51" holiday tour of Qinghai Lake, with driving and independent travel, probably accounted for the total amount of 82% tourists reception, in addition to the self drive tourists from Gansu there are many tourists. Travel agencies accounted for 18% of the total number of tourists, travel agencies in the field of foreign tourists. In addition, the reporter also from the tribal style development of the tourism industry Dayu Haibei Company Limited was informed that two days before the holiday they were ushered in the cycling tourists reached 500 people, the self driving tourists reached 150 passengers.

According to the Qinghai Lake

Tourism Group Co., responsible person, to meet the year 51 small holiday and tourist season as well, with the province’s "spring tide", in cooperation with the Provincial Tourism Bureau to travel safety and travel joint inspection of law enforcement at the same time, the company also to strengthen the sense of security services, standardized services behavior, improve service quality, optimize the environment of scenic spots and other measures, and strive to create a good tourism environment for tourists.