When the Xining mountains covered with green, free of any building on Xining City, eyeful of green always refreshing, green is no longer a luxury in Xining. But Xining people are not satisfied with this, but also to decorate their homes more beautiful. From February 17th, the Xining Municipal Forestry Bureau news, this year, Xining city will strive to build a new pattern of ecological city core two screen three corridor ", build" ecological garden city ", to improve the living environment.

a core: start the green core construction of Forest Park. The construction of large scale urban green space, to build the city "green core", nourishing urban green lungs.

two screen: to vigorously promote the Lajishan and Dabanshan two green ecological barrier construction, strengthen the North South Shan three green building.

– start the green core construction of Forest Park. To build a town in Huangzhong County as the center, planning a total area of 200 square kilometers (300 thousand acres) of the characteristics of the city of Forest Park. The preparation of the completion of the green core Forest Park master plan for the start of 2016 implementation.

– to declare the project construction of ecological park of Xining city national. To carry out the Xishan wildlife viewing area, Beishan Nanshan scenic area of the Tibetan Plateau, ancient forestry science and technology demonstration park, the beautiful scenic garden area, Huangshui River wetland park scenic construction, create a "Garden City, ecological culture construction of five" national urban ecological park as the core.

– bid for the garden expo. The park to build a showcase of contemporary landscape construction of the highest level of technology and artistic achievements of the demonstration zone, the Silk Road became green ecological development with a bright pearl, become "the construction of central city garden boutique, real happiness charm of the city project".

– to promote the three green project south mountain. Complete the three north-south mountain afforestation 54 thousand and 280 acres; implementation of the transformation of forest 10 thousand acres and 15 thousand acres of degraded forest rehabilitation; Nanshan area completed 387 km green road reconstruction, the implementation of 166 thousand acres of woodland tending and maintenance management.

– the implementation of urban greening construction and transformation of landscape upgrade. The city completed 13 main street and center square, square and green landscape renovation of Xinning Changqing Garden; the implementation of the Huangshui River and riverside, Beishan country Nanchuan waterline line 150 kilometers City Greenway Construction; the implementation of sports park north area fitness center construction project and South Beltway Road on both sides of high standard greening for subsidies and recovery project; wetland protection in 2016, built in Xining Huangshui National Wetland Science museum.<;