reflects the livelihood of the people, smooth public opinion, the evening news of the public political hotline column officially launched! This is the Xining evening news to give full play to the mainstream media and public opinion, communication advantage brings together people a positive role, for the masses to dispel misunderstanding, people even heart bridge framework for government and the refinement of the specific initiatives.

by the Xining evening news agency, City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau, the municipal Party committee, municipal government supervises the room information supervision department, jointly organized by the municipal government e-government center public politics "Evening News Hotline" column, to serve the masses, close relations between the party and the masses of the people for the purpose, will work to help the masses "Qi" and "solution node" and "primitive" and "resentment", let the people asked the government to the government, make the government for the people to dispel misunderstanding.

"Evening News Hotline" column of public politics mainly reflect the public daily life difficult feelings, difficult things, problems and urgent problems to be solved, through in-depth interviews with reporters, determine its reflect the true situation, in strict accordance with the "who is in charge, who is responsible for the principle of the relevant units, or the department leaders it is in charge of the main person responsible for reply and solve. At the same time, the evening news public political hotline will also open a rectification evaluation platform to understand the focus of the masses on the rectification of outstanding issues and opinions and suggestions.

through the public to ask the government to let people feel the sense of government departments to improve the efficiency of implementation; so that people fulfill their oversight responsibilities, improve the sense of responsibility and sense of ownership.

if you encounter any hot and difficult issues in your life, you need to help you connect the Xining evening news for the government, you can contact us through the following four ways:

1 call the evening news public political hotline: 18609717895, 18609717679.

2 send email: [email protected], [email protected].

3 Sina micro-blog or micro-blog private Tencent on the Xining evening news official micro-blog.

4 mail letter to South Gate Street, Xining evening news, 43 people ask political hotline column group.

(author: Sheng Nan)