September 3rd, Tiananmen square held a military parade, which is China’s first organization to commemorate the Chinese people’s Anti Japanese War and the world anti fascist war victory parade. The same day, the people from all walks of life in Xining through the Internet, television and other channels to watch the parade live, feel the parade scene of the grand scene, moved, shocked.

East District of various departments and units of cadres and workers came early on the east district government meeting room, watching on the scene to commemorate the 70 anniversary of the victory of the Anti Japanese War parade celebration broadcast. Chengdong District Education Bureau cadres Zuo Baosheng said, the whole nation to carry out the 70 anniversary of the victory of the Anti Japanese War, once again inspire people, the revitalization of the firm belief that strive for progress with determination. Especially in the parade, the magnificent, highlighting the army, let us see the country strong, proud, touching. In order to not forget the memory of that period, to further promote the spirit of the new era of war, the eastern region of the cadres and masses of all ethnic groups across the region to pass;