This is a good theme of the soft Wen, we are encouraged to go to the development of advanced soft Wen, and not to the vulgar strong garbage to develop

A, tailored, adequate [the first paragraph is very good, be boring, no value, is not suitable for veterans, because the space is sold to the new bird, rookie is the demand of the object, if the content of againconcrete, collocation map, more exciting, I also often a lot of QQ people ask me some virtual host and domain knowledge, so that I can not answer, just like why 2+3 is equal to 5, how to upgrade the space, and so on, so many new birds, if this is a long look will be in ecstasies. ]

before selecting the virtual space provider, must do their own website to have a comprehensive understanding. We should consider the future visits from the content and location, if an individual or company, visits should be expected in a certain range, and then from visits to select provides the required bandwidth and service providers in the host configuration is too high, it will cause a waste of. Secondly, space and service choice, in my opinion, if not using database technology to access the website space within the 30M should be enough, I see many service providers will remind yourself that provide at least 100M of the space in the most basic services are in fact, if there is no database or large gallery own website the 100M space can be said to be wasting a lot of course, in consideration of space time to fully consider future update, change the version of things, because once the space, then said no way after the upgrade, can only be used in the space within the scope of. The last consideration is the service provider, on the basis of the above, choose from the charge and domain name, whether the domain name registration or sub domain, my opinion is as far as possible the international domain name registration, after all, is cheap, if the international domain name has been registered in China, but it is not the best Chinese or registered what other.Biz, such as.Cc, they will be in the domain of interpretation and popularity have more or less, if it is a personal website, can consider to choose sub domain, after all, is a NetEase or China student net, provided by the original free change of service providers, in charge for personal website is also a very good the choice of. Related articles: novice to buy site space guide

two, goods than three, there are a lot of trouble [the expert will step by step, rather than directly into the topic, first with a commonly used to compare, then talk with a user’s point of view, the author can use more examples, such as example 10 8, halo in the reader Huhu, highlight your, or part of you, with 20% users is also good, or got familiar is also good, must be a small fire slow roasted, and don’t look to play rookie fly. Slowly induction, you can talk about point of technical guidance, you can talk about free space trial, you can talk about the point of price