, according to the relevant requirements of the municipal Party committee, municipal Party committee of Huangyuan County in strict accordance with the unified arrangements, conscientiously implement the requirements, carry out the publicity, "four questions" activities, the essay studies the preparatory work, and promote the preparatory work for the party’s mass line educational practice.

in the preparatory work in Huangyuan County, reinforcement learning, build a strong ideological foundation. In view of the different objects, we should adopt the method of centralized learning, autonomous learning and guidance learning to carry out the work of learning and education. In-depth research, grasp the public opinion. In accordance with the guidance of service in the front line, letters and visits in the front line, problem solving in the first line principle, the organization of the county Party and government organs and units in-depth Rural line, extensive research activities. Pay attention to actual effect, improve the working mechanism. Timely summary of practical and effective measures, the masses welcome the experience and practice, and constantly improve the work mechanism. Change style, enhance service consciousness. Strict implementation of the number one responsibility system, the full implementation of the first line of work, efforts to enhance the ability to serve the people. Rich carrier to promote the work. On the "grassroots" thousands of cadres work, further close relations between the party and the masses; a good feature of democratic life, for education practice preparatory work and improve the efficiency of heating; earnestly carry out all kinds of aid activities, to lay the foundation for the mass line of educational practice.