did not get pre-sale permit real estate projects are prohibited in various forms of pre-sale, commercial housing pre-sale strict implementation of the "one price clear" system, not price increases. The city will comprehensively strengthen the pre-sale management of commercial housing, improve the pre-sale system, the maintenance of the real estate market order and the legitimate rights and interests of the people, real estate projects in the pre-sale will be put on a more stringent".

it is understood that the sale of commercial housing will be strictly regulated, without obtaining pre-sale permit real estate projects, it is strictly prohibited to group purchase subscription, booking, arranging, VIP card payment in advance. Enterprises do not have access to the pre-sale permit will not be allowed to organize the purchase of real estate projects, disrupt the order of the real estate market, the real estate sector will not be issued pre-sale permit.

at the same time, the real estate sector also suspended the "pre-sale contracts for commercial housing" online automatic record business, for the development of enterprises in the Sales Department of publicity sample contracts, the signing of the contract (including supplementary agreement) shall have the rights and interests of the people against the purchase of commercial housing pre-sale provisions, strict implementation of "one price" system, a clear price, these procedures strictly and after checking can be completed online filing.

The pricing behavior of

real estate sector will be strictly real estate enterprises, the real estate development enterprises shall collect taxes, registration fees, maintenance fund housing pre-sale permit fee in the link, by the enterprise unified for the purchase of household property permits and land use permits, can be collected in the process of completing the initial registration, and go through the formalities for registration of real estate so within the prescribed time. The transfer of new commercial housing transaction fee should be borne by the construction unit shall not be transferred to the name of the purchase. In addition, the property management department will also strengthen the supervision of the transfer of forward delivery housing commercial housing is sold, and start filing system.