2013 in Xining City, the trade unions at all levels a total of 707 children of rescue workers in difficulty, of which 625 undergraduate, college 62, high school 20, a total of 1 million 720 thousand yuan grants, including 81 list of Pro Children of workers paid 220 thousand yuan relief funds, 230 needy children of migrant workers on the student aid fund of 430 thousand yuan. The number of the relief and capital were hitting a record high.

this year’s autumn student activities to enrich the rescue measures, pay attention to the effectiveness of the work, to ensure that the need to support the children of workers who do not leak, all the children of migrant workers are able to enter the school as scheduled. In order to fully understand the basic situation of the difficulties of workers and families, especially children’s school situation, the trade unions at all levels to achieve three clear, that the family situation is clear, the reasons for the difficulty of the situation, the examination of students. In addition to relief workers and laid-off workers, the difficulties of migrant workers, single parent difficult female workers, children of migrant workers as the main target of relief. At the same time, strict vetting procedures, union cadres at all levels through in-depth survey and verification difficult worker family, confirmed after the publicity; Federation of trade unions to ensure timely payment of grants to student objects for bank card hands, take the form of centralized distribution, commissioned by the grass-roots trade union leaders condolences, helping poor workers directly into the wholesale center put the form, to ensure the students’ attendance of grants in the "student" activities closer to the workers, the warmth of the people; to further enhance the brand effect of the student "activities, ways of innovation difficult worker service, Union City this year to 18 poor children of employees of the whole helping, formulated the" Xining City Federation of trade unions "student" full helping management measures ". The "measures" from the supporting object, evaluation standard, helping the six aspects of principles, qualifications, helping termination, daily management, the annual plan to "student" activities in the poor children, four years in the university to give full helping of the specification, the initial formation of material assistance, aid, assistance, mental ability employment assistance "student" full helping mechanism, to further promote the city union "the student" mechanism of helping the standardization, scientific and effective. (author: Xu Shunkai)