In June, the sun is very bright, the sky is very blue, the flowers are very fragrant, laughter is very sweet, the first day of June is the festival of all children – "61" International Children’s day. "61" is the happiest day for children. This day, from the city to the countryside, a variety of activities, so that children spent a memorable and meaningful 61".  

happy campus

loud song, beautiful dance, thrilling acrobatics, from time to time of applause and cheers, lively scene Qie Ji Xiang ethnic boarding school in Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Republic, is being held in the "national unity yiguqin love into Changqing 61" Qinghai Youth Committee happy campus activity. Before the show, members of the Federation will be 433 school uniforms, sports equipment and first-aid kit to students, to 98 poor students to send daily necessities and stationery, these gifts are members of the Federation have to raise funds more than 8 yuan to buy for the children. Students on the new uniforms and school supplies to put it down, and some students can not wait to wear new uniforms on the body. Happy face hanging on the scene of each child’s face.

The east area of Xining city belongs to