January 22nd, reporters from the Xining municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau, to promote our province veterans jobs this year, Xining city enterprises recruit retired soldiers can enjoy preferential employment subsidy policy. This is followed by college graduates, 40, 45 staff, disabled, zero employment families after the implementation of the policy of helping the employment of another Huimin policy.

It is reported that

, every enterprise to absorb a retired soldier, signed a 1 year contract and participate in social insurance in accordance with the provisions, give enterprise social security subsidies, job subsidies and one-time rewards in accordance with the contract, subsidies for a period of 3 years. Post subsidies for 200 yuan per person per month, according to the basic standards of social security subsidies paid basic pension, basic medical and unemployment insurance premiums, a one-time award of $1000 per person per year. At the same time, for the enterprise to absorb the retired soldiers according to the standard of 3000 yuan per person, given a one-time vocational skills training subsidies. Social insurance subsidies to implement the first payment after the supplement to the region by the county (Park) human resources and social security departments to declare. (author: Mo Qing)