Recently, the reporter learned from the provincial economic and Information Technology Commission was informed that 1-8 months, the province’s total cargo transport total 96 million 416 thousand and 700 tons, an increase of -0.1%; the month of August, the total freight volume completed 16 million 758 thousand and 100 tons, an increase of 6.98%. The province’s logistics volume.The

for this year’s downtown pressure on the economy increase, enterprises operating environment tightening, provincial economic and Information Commission, adhere to a two pronged guidance, a favorable opportunity to make full use of oil prices, railway freight rates, highway logistics advantage, many held manufacturing and logistics enterprise information matchmaking, build a platform for cooperation, continued to promote the highway railway diversion, the strong growth of highway transportation volume, effective support of the province’s industrial economy running smoothly. On the other hand, the implementation of railway freight commodities "price" preferential policies, the railway freight volume decline narrowed, I realized the logistics volume is relatively stable this year.