reporter learned from the provincial housing department, this year, our province efforts in improving people’s livelihood in technological innovation in the field of work, especially in the field of housing and urban construction, will promote the integration of development of science and industry, and promote the research of enterprise science and technology research, the formation of "government guidance, enterprise participation and good situation", so as to promote the province the construction work steadily.

based on green construction


12th Five-Year" since, our province will be building energy conservation, green building, renewable energy construction application as the focus, to guide Qinghai Architectural Vocational and Technical College and the Qinghai Province Building Materials Science Research Institute to carry out a series of problems of key technology research, completed the preparation of the "Qinghai province solar building scale application mechanism research report" etc.. And around the construction technology to promote, encourage enterprises to accelerate the accumulation of technology and innovation, promote the construction of scientific and technological progress, carry out provincial project construction method selection and national engineering construction method recommended work, the provincial law 122 were selected, including "the antique building concrete roof sheathing nail anti wooden rafters and reverse construction method" "exterior insulation hanging paste the ceramic plate construction method" and "cross busy line continuous beam hanging basket construction fast moving" was named the national engineering construction method.

new technology to improve local production

in the pastoral area promotion set building energy and renewable energy application technology for the integration of agricultural and pastoral areas of Alpine new housing — passive solar greenhouse, the implementation of projects that benefit, not only make people’s living environment has been greatly improved, farmers average annual savings of about 1.5 tons of coal and electricity has at least 500 degrees, the three party is energy saving and emission reduction, economic benefits and social benefits and environmental benefits of the combination of scientific and technological achievements with remarkable results.

four new technology widely used

to limit the backward technology as a means to vigorously promote new technologies, new processes, new materials, new equipment, "four new" technology. The formulation of the "Qinghai province construction field restrictions, prohibiting the use of backward technology announcement" and "the construction of new technologies, new product catalog", a total of 459 enterprises into the technical products. In the field of construction and application of the "four new" category from the "11th Five-Year" during the seven categories to the "12th Five-Year" during the nine categories, the number increased from 151 to 314. Actively promote the application of new technology in construction industry, the promotion of the new green efficient gas discharge light source, vacuum insulation board exterior insulation system and other new materials and new technology system, effectively play the leading role of the new technology for the development of the industry.