This year, Xining has more than 5 forest fire weather rating, highly dangerous, forest fire situation is very grim, forest fire alarm sounding. From February 9th to March 4th, the city received a forest fire alarm 56, which in February 9th (the 29th day of the twelfth month of the Chinese lunar calendar) concentrated on fire, the fire occurred on the same day 21.

last summer, a large amount of precipitation in our city, second only to 1979 to reach the second peak since the year of 1961, the lush growth of forest vegetation, forest, a substantial increase in the amount of combustible materials, fire risk increased dramatically. Since the winter climate is dry, in January and February this year, Xining 20 consecutive days appeared more than 5 forest fire weather rating, the meteorological department issued the February 8th orange signal warning of forest fire, for the first time in years. In February 17th due to snow in some areas, the provincial meteorological station of forest change orange signal warning signal for the blue warning, forest fire danger rating dropped to 1, then because of no precipitation, forest fire danger rating increased again in March 7th in Xining, the fire danger rating rose again to 5, highly flammable, highly dangerous.

from February 9th to March 4th, the city received 56 forest fire alarm. Which did not find the fire point 3, the formation of forest fires from the beginning of the 2.11 (Datong County, the master of the mountains of the forest fire and the Nanshan Park, 2.24 forest fires in the forest) in 2. Fire occurred on February 9th, a total of 21. 15 points from the county, Datong County, Huangzhong, from the beginning of the 10, the north of the city from the beginning of the city, from the city of 5, the Eastern District of the city from the beginning of the 2 Industrial Park, West District, from the beginning of the 1, from the beginning of the 2, from the city of Huangyuan, from the city of.

forest fires occurred in our city are man-made. At present, the city is about to enter the forest fire prevention period. In the period of martial law, forest police and fire departments at all levels to increase the forest area density and mountain patrol vehicles and personnel inspection efforts to prohibit any idle personnel and vehicles entering the area. At the same time advocate civilized ritual, guide people to choose the point of worship ceremony. (author: Xiao Yan)