now there are a lot of shops on the market, in the end how the business is basically relying on traffic, so if you want to make a good business in the shop, the natural flow of the more the better. However, if you set up shop, it is the more traffic better? In other words, the opening of the adult goods store is the more the better?

for adult supplies store, the traffic is definitely not the more the better, there is an upper limit rather than a lower limit requirement, which is very different from other businesses. In general, regardless of the size of the store area is small, the average daily 10 people is capped, but it will affect the business.


, one is in the market now, Adult supplies all kinds of products, a lot of a lot of people have not heard, the owner must introduce the function to the buyer, or sometimes when customers use there will be some risk, but also through the one, high turnover rate, can greatly increase the profit, it needs time.

is two, the purchase Adult supplies is more privacy, most people are nervous, and narrow space to increase the sense of security of customers, so customer is not too much, generally in the store two or three people already saturated.

is three, if one day visit stores a lot of customers, more than 20 people, you this shop not far away from the closure, because many people patronize, short residence time, they selected products are the most basic Adult supplies, such as condoms, not only products with lower profit margins, but also shows that this region of market consumption ability is poor, it is difficult for you to support Adult supplies store operations.

if it is a convenience store, perhaps a small supermarket, I am afraid that people are looking forward to the natural flow of the more the better, however, after all, the operation of the product has a special. Therefore, if you open an adult supplies store, remember, not the more traffic, the better oh.