said that although the shop named work shop owners in decision, however, want to know a good name, can gain a foothold in the market, the consumer is the real decision makers. So, the store is good, the most important thing is to see how consumers, consumers believe that the good name is a good name, let’s take a look at what kind of name in their eyes is a good name, they evaluate a standard name of good or bad is what?

Name: Mr. Wang is simply two names: really nice signage is not good. Two elements to find a combination of points, it is really good to deal with.

Ms. Sun: a good name should be simple and easy to remember, worthy of the name, creative, best with the city’s local customs and practices and cultural connotation of fusion. A good name, a better record, two to reasonable design, and related products, third is to have new ideas, not too down stereotypes.

: Ms. Hu shop, from the beginning of a good name. Good name requirements should be bear the brunt of diction is accurate, standardized, do not mislead or too vulgar or vulgar; second to have a certain cultural taste, meaningful, have the best room for imagination. Buy clothes we are the most familiar, but when they buy clothes I often will first note this clothing store name, if the name of vulgar or not good, I usually pass by and not in consumption, also, I also will be the first to make such judgement when buying other things.

Xiong: name like the window of the city of Jingmen as a historical and cultural city, the name should reflect part of the cultural connotation.


for each individual good name understanding will be different, for the majority of consumers, but also have a good mind, culture, this name really can be called a good name. In a word, a good name, first to shop for doing well, visual effect is very important. In addition, should also take into account the business situation, in the service, products, benefits are relatively good, the right amount of commercial culture can also be. Heritage, innovation, rich local characteristics of advertising design can make people refreshing.