business trends need to master what skills? Many businesses have been aware of the role of decoration in the store management, so very concerned about this area. If you are a novice, it is not clear that this link can learn a lot.

1, the trend of women’s franchise placed in front of some baskets and POP display (specific activity, POP display can be stated the trend of women’s franchise opened and the trend of women’s franchise on rates and introduces the internal furnishings, show the pedestrian to the printing shop on the red carpet form). Hang on the dazzling flags, put on music. In view of the trend of women’s clothing store to give you a basic situation of a brief training, all dressed in the trend of women’s wear, wearing a work card. Plug with the trend of women’s franchise signboards of the red flag, to young people relatively concentrated in places such as supermarkets, markets, schools, residential district station, issuing and posting, the leader must find a person familiar with the local geographical environment, this will help you avoid detours, but also conducive to the leaflets supervision, so as to avoid waste.


2, the trend of women’s franchise stores do renovation plan, you can start the decoration, the decoration of the time can be decorated according to other local trend of women’s franchise decoration situation, if the opening in the pedestrian street, commercial center, decoration to be better than the other women’s franchise tide, to the novel, the door to a large, beautiful, with a carved door like dress girl, dressed up, just look at the customer door wanted to go in and see what the internal environment doesn’t have to be like a hotel so rich a loss, but must be tidy, according to the internal structure, emphasizing the trend of women’s franchise the theme, posted every POP, placing each internal accessories must be novel, give a person find everything fresh and new feeling.

the trend of women’s franchise store decoration design to fit with the best clothing store decoration features, caught the eye would attract more consumer attention. Well, you have mastered the skills of women’s clothing store decoration design? If you do not know the need to learn oh!