you may never have heard of "dumplings EVA" father Lin Yong, not familiar with the "baby dumpling", but he is trying to make a "baby dumpling" fame, Christmas culture dissemination way will make dumplings dumplings baby version of "Santa claus".


] a guest name card


] hit off the story

in July this year, the domestic film and television, the hottest way to "catch demon" fantasy film. In the film, the prototype from "The Classic of the Great Wilderness" of the demon king Hu Pakistan, the adorable image of man quickly captured the audiences of different ages, jehubbah peripheral products also sell so.

jehubbah success in shaping the image and thus bring enormous business opportunities, make dumplings EVA "the father of Lin Yong brain hole wide open. Chinese traditional culture contains a huge market potential, but also strengthened the confidence and determination to build rice dumplings version of Santa claus.



in University, Lin Yong than peers "restless", try to start, suspended for four years of undergraduate work, he bumps reading for five years, but let him than their peers have more life experience.

2007 years after graduating from University, Lin Yong borrow money with the university students opened a children’s Park in downtown Monte, later renamed the beer garden, started his first official business. But because of various reasons, this venture in 2007 recommended