recently, a TV series "fire" in the MI months pass, television and network, MI month the way to grow so that the majority of the audience hot. From a humble dowry of a concubine has become the empress dowager, MI month counter attack road reflects a general entrepreneurial thinking.

front warning, a big wave hit dry cargo!

for entrepreneurs, you should also have a greater vision, aimed at a broader market. For most of the early investors, the early investment risk probability is very high, 90% of the investment is no return. That being the case, why not invest in a big market project? Often said that the swimming pool grows no sharks, only to jump into the sea to have the opportunity to grow as the same is true of a shark.

"Alibaba for $1 billion 250 million investment hungry" for example, we all know that has been hungry, money is extremely severe takeaway platform, then burn only one spell. This time with the lofty vision of Ma was at $1 billion 250 million a pound to hungry.

so that entrepreneurs and investment institutions or VC, you need to put your market is large enough, the business also has a good effect for the rapid completion of the financing market will expand the scale of positioning.

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