(P2P net loan platform ecological chain cost and efficiency analysis chart)

in a period of time, because some of the pseudo P2P platform run away, collapse, caused some huge losses of financial users, a variety of screening P2P platform authenticity cheats geshandaniu call come in a throng, various regulatory reports also emerge in an endless stream. Let a relative lack of professional knowledge of ordinary people, to identify the authenticity of a P2P platform, security requirements, it is a bit high; even the industry standards, regulatory implementation of the floor, improve the access threshold, the industry will certainly not comfortable?! this look at those around us have supervision and standardization for many years the industry will understand, self-discipline is always the most fundamental.

this paper attempts to start from the P2P net loan industry ecological chain of the most fundamental festival to everyone enrichment, peer-to-peer lending, pat loans, letters should be the typical company as a sample, for loan business, risk control system, the core of the ecological chain trading three links, and realize online and offline mode, through analysis of P2P net loan platform ecosystem, as you tell me when judging the P2P net loan platform security, provide another perspective.

looking for loan business

P2P net loan to China although more than 7 years, or a real outbreak began in 2013, especially after the launch of the balance of treasure Ali business in the second half of 2013, the concept of Internet Financial fiery, completely detonated has not lukewarm not fire P2P net loan. According to statistics, in 2013 the number of P2P net loan platform exceeded 1000, from the beginning of the third quarter, is two or three per day to platform on-line speed record, the number of active platform at about 200, the annual turnover reached 105 billion 800 million yuan. The explosive development of the result, since the Spring Festival in 2014, P2P net loan platform in the first echelon, such as peer-to-peer lending, everyone enrichment, project demand, a large number of idle funds, financial users every day Voices of discontent. P2P platform responsible person, relevant, is issued statement to reassure investors from time to time.

actually, one or two months after the Spring Festival every year, is a cyclical off-season private small loan business, before 2014, P2P platform operators may not be aware of the seriousness of the problem, in 2013 through dozens of times and even dozens, hundreds of times after savage growth, I believe that every P2P platform operators are beginning to realize that the quality of loans to customers is the basic platform for the development of P2P, the difference for the loan business, is the core competitiveness of P2P net loan platform.

to find the means of the loan business, the main cable and the line of two, each has advantages and disadvantages.

online: find the loan business through the network to achieve online. To pat the loan and everyone enrichment for cost accounts for about 1% of loans.

line: that is, through the line of sales staff to find the loan business, to all loans and should be represented by the letter, the cost of about 3-4%> of the loan amount