is now the market demand of the society, every industry Home Furnishing are increasing at the same time, there are a lot of people are prepared to invest in Home Furnishing industry, sanitary ware market is a xiangbobo, now open a bathroom store should how do the product marketing.

terminal into real estate, looking forward:

consumer demandTwo or three

this demand place and time where? When entering the store in the decoration? No, actually this kind of demand in the purchase when it has appeared. Therefore, to accurately find a group of consumer demand, and targeted promotion, you need to lower the bathroom the real estate industry, advancing into the real estate industry in the process – the best time is before and after the new launch. At this point, the salesman went to each district to communicate with consumers face to face, to provide different services for the needs of consumers. This is the terminal forward.

terminal block: the decoration designers, retention of customer demand

Terminal intercept on retention of customer demand. At this time, the most suitable for decoration designers terminal block execution, because they have favorable weather, geography and people. First, time and location. Designers and consumers to communicate for a long time, from the measurement of housing to the design drawings to the final transaction, the time is very long, they have time to have a chance and only they have the time to have the opportunity to communicate face-to-face with consumers. Secondly, people and. The concept of family is very important to the Chinese people, and the traditional family ethics. And because some people only a generation of such a suite, there is only one such a home, so the home, consumers and even placed high hopes. Therefore, consumers are very respected Jiezhuang designers, and listen to opinions of the designer, in order to make the struggle for life and get shelter more comfortable and beautiful face, designer, consumer vigilance and dislike the negative emotions are hard to come by, on the contrary to respect, acceptance, approval. During this time, consumers will be willing to even express their demands to the designer.

by designer to intercept, actually decoration business into the marketing process, and its ultimate goal is still the bathroom sales. With the end of shift and interception of all-round development, the entire bathroom on the chain in various industries such as decoration business business will be entered into the actual sales process, so as to realize the sharing of resources between industries and market smooth docking, the terminal will become easier to intercept. In the three step of terminal blasting, the terminal interception is the key link, which determines the success of the blasting.

now the bathroom industry profit range is recommended