Song Yadan is a sea salt sister, 87 years, with the general university girls, like the future is full of vision. Song Yadan was admitted to Zhejiang Forestry University in 2005. Junior year, she was fascinated by fashion design, often painted some shirts, skirts design. Later, because of this interest to achieve the cause of today.

Song Yadan said, once, the school organized the school transaction activities, she put a few pieces of their own clothes to be modified to sell, be bought by students. Song Yadan think, so everyone love personalized clothes, why don’t you do some online selling, earn pocket money. She saved 300 yuan from the cost of living in Sijiqing to get some of the cloth, according to their own style of doing the design of the 6 women.

2008 April 29th, Song Yadan Taobao store opened, the first batch of goods is sold 6 pieces of clothing. Her " entrepreneurial myth " from this day onwards.

rose to a drill

a month later

2008 the end of May, Song Yadan earned 10 thousand yuan, her shop rises to a level of drilling. Song Yadan asked why people would like to her a red " " no single store? Song Yadan said, probably because there are a number of specialty shops and customers love Amoy Taobao, this group of people often do not consider the level of the promise, only care about things there is nothing special. " however, there are still people who often ask whether there is a spot, worried that we do not have such a low level of inventory in the store. "

business is good, Song Yadan busy, on the outside of the school rented the house as their studio, hire a few classmates to help. Song Yadan said that there are only three kinds of tools for starting an undertaking: scissors, rulers, sewing machines, and she designs and makes her own. " very hard, and sometimes sleep only 3 hours a day, a fan blowing his rounds. "

during this period, Song Yadan earned 50 thousand yuan. Students can earn more than two thousand yuan a month.

back home to rent the plant

2008 summer vacation, Song Yadan put " headquarters " moved to the home of sea salt, " because the order is too much, rely on a few tailors really busy. " when she told her parents that she was going out to start a business, she wanted her father to help find a fashion factory. Until she put 50 thousand yuan in cash to his father, the talent to support her to continue to do.

rented 200 square meters of factory building as a base, but also in the vicinity of a fashion processing plant on behalf of the processing of her own