now many companies are hoping that the new employee once entered the company after a simple training can take over the work immediately, however, many new employees are completely confused, so the training mechanism, how to retain new employees? In fact, each new employee is full of hope into the company, they have strong ability to accept, but the discrimination ability needs to be improved, for a variety of effects may receive overall, boss and senior encountered at the beginning of the company is what kind of person, it is possible for them to become what kind of person. Therefore, dealers need to carefully select the training of the new staff responsible person, and then start the next step of training.

first, the training of the responsible person to do a good job demonstration. The leadership or predecessors to own as a living textbook, teaching points, to new employees through visiting clients such as every word and action, let him observe how publicity materials, how to do product display and learn communication skills with customers in the side, back to the company after a detailed answer to his questions, let him study the work flow and the details of the observation time.

secondly, let the new employees try. When the new staff mastered the essentials of work, training responsible person can accompany him to visit customers together, let him as a "leading role" theory to the actual operation will be learned before, points to promote and consolidate the depth of understanding.

again, the new staff to work out evaluation. For new employees doing a good place, the person in charge of training be generous praise and reward for the work of the existing problems, to repeatedly remind him and help him to correct the mistake and corrected in his affirmative. It is worth noting that, if the staff there are many problems in work, we must adhere to the "correct a" one principle, which is a problem after correction can then correct the next question, not anxious.

finally, strengthen communication, open the hearts of new employees. New employees in the new environment will inevitably have tension, will encounter many problems, some employees even negative emotions. Therefore, in addition to the work of the person in charge of training as well as a friend to communicate with them, listen to their troubles, and give feasible suggestions, so that they are fully committed to work.

depth is very important, can let people feel the joy of work as soon as possible, reduce the "free to play" the frustration and improper training caused by bad habits, to lay a solid foundation for future work.

it is worth noting that, in the early stages of training, assessment indicators for new employees to make dealers don’t efficiency and quantity, at the beginning of the work required to make to them a heavy burden, will sacrifice the quality of the work, this work also has lost its meaning.

workload is built on the basis of ensuring the quality of the work, so in the new