because of the "Mermaid" overnight star star Lin Lin was controversial. Recently, Lin was accused of P figure too, netizens have found that she has been imitating Ni Ni. Let’s take a look at what the star girl says!


3 21, Lin Lin attended the eighteenth China tripod award. Wearing a tulle gown she won the "best new actress", but there are also friends Tucao photo P too. Lin Yun micro-blog wrote "thank Yeh, I * * * let me fall in love with performances; thanks to his family, silently daughter never dare to forget; thank you for your support, is my motivation. Always remember: don’t go too far, forget why you started. May use the prize, to the beginning of the heart."


3 31, "star girl" Lin Yun attended the eighteenth session of the tripod award, and the William Feng affair was traced after frequently accused Ni Ni Zhuangshan and even hit the face. Have to say, Lin Yun and Ni Ni’s taste is really invincible similar, is not only the rear foot selected with a boyfriend, but also from time to time will have a zhuangshan. There is a kind of "Lin Xu: Ni Ni with the money I want" feeling.

this, Lin Yun denied imitation Ni Ni "girls love to buy clothes, my clothes are in the living room, I also love photography, as if I did not Jianzhao, and all the world’s people are like. Some people say that I like the big, like Hsu Chi, actually I am very honored and they like, because I think they are the goddess."


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