restaurant in the baking industry is undoubtedly the gold industry in twenty-first Century, it’s just me, shopping is the most attractive I baked bread pastry shop, fragrance overflowing hauntingly. The bakery food is nothing more than those of bread cakes like westerners, not only popular in the west, in the Chinese must have more than ninety percent people have love, market prospect is self-evident. Northwest bakery the most professional team, many years of experience in market development, the company to improve the construction of the store system, the real hand to teach you to create their own cake shop.

The headquarters of the

nine support to run, quickly embarked on the fast track to walk in the forefront of the industry, to open up a market of their own.

location service: the company guide partners for location, and provide location specific standards, and special training to determine the intention of cooperation partners, partners selection, company conducted an evaluation of location.

license for the company provides the license for the specific guidance and advisory services.

store design: provide detailed design drawings and equipment layout of the door.

recruitment: recruitment requirements, post setting and salary assessment standards, assist partner recruitment, or partners commissioned at the headquarters after the recruitment of expatriate.

personnel training: provide training for store operations, to provide services in the headquarters of free training before the opening, the opening to the store for the headquarters staff training.

business planning: the company provides mature business plan, effectively enhance the popularity and wealth during the opening.

device debugging: the company gave the equipment in place after delivery for free debugging.

material purchasing: long term supply of materials, raw materials and accessories to the cooperation of the headquarters of the unified procurement services, in order to reduce the cost of raw materials.

chain services: the company provides free national chain system software services, providing a unified VIP card service.

official business: the company take the "nanny" management guidance for the operation of regular cooperation shop, co-operative store inspections, identify problems and timely rectification and pointed out, and the research and development of new products promotion headquarters.