open a "floating flower" is not an easy job to do things, careful planning, flexible operation, scientific management is the key to success in business, the following Xiaobian together and look at the note to open a shop of water.

1, advance investment should not be too large. "The mobile shop" business cost is generally 10 thousand – 15 thousand yuan, you can buy a old van, the purchase of PHS charges low communication tools. At the same time, the "flow shop" business needs and wholesalers or flower garden cooperation, the best way to take credit, flowers sold to pay the purchase price, not sold for return processing, so we can reduce the occupation of funds, the cost of reasonable control of investment.

2, focus on marketing strategy. "The mobile shop" no fixed place of business, so many ways of advertising is very important. The design of car body advertising must be beautiful, eye-catching, taste, contact telephone to facilitate memory. In addition, you can play in the higher ratings TV programs, or the use of newspapers, newspapers, flowers, people, information and other forms of small investment, quick effect of small ads.

3, reasonable control profit. In general, flowers home gross profit should be controlled at 40%  about the Spring Festival, new year’s day and other major festivals before, can go up appropriate sales price; the off-season should take on sale, sale, buy a gift of a means of small profits, to maximize revenue.

4, pay attention to risk prevention. Should choose a good reputation, product quality assured purchase wholesalers as the main channel, because if the flowers with pests, customers appear withered, leaves and even death after buy, will bring credit risk to the flow of "flower". At the same time, unfamiliar customers to crunching on the first day; request delivery, after the payment of the unit cannot let down, because now the debts units greater risk than individual debts.

5, to ensure the quality of service. From the phone to the on-site service, must use the norms of civilized language, flowers in the guest house, should take the initiative to change with slippers, when conditions should also be gifts to customers and leave flowers maintenance manual service card. These initiatives are often thoughtful and meticulous service will make your "flower" icing on the cake, more and more prosperous.
  pay close attention to the above matters to open a small shop / water