still recommend Chongqing small noodles to join the brand, because this is really a good investment to join the brand, it is recommended, so small I would never recommend for everyone, to recommend this one small project catering brand name today is Zhao Zaier Chongqing small noodles. So what is the Zhao Zaier Chongqing small noodles to join? How much will it cost? Look at the following specific introduction.

Zhao Zaier Chongqing small noodles join conditions

1, the investor must be a legal citizen with the capacity for civil conduct, the investor must also have the spirit of hard work, good personal reputation and good business reputation, no bad records;

2, investors must agree with Zhao Zaier Chongqing small noodles of the corporate culture, business philosophy and mode of cooperation;

3, the investor enthusiasm for the catering industry to persevere, and signed a long-term cooperation agreement with Zhao Zaier Chongqing small noodles


4, investors have their own large-scale food and beverage management experience, but also need to have sufficient funds, there are relatively rich in the local network;

5, investors are willing to accept Zhao Zaier unified Chongqing small noodles headquarters management, to maintain the brand image, and actively participate in various promotional activities and training headquarters;

6, investors need to have a certain place of business.

Zhao Zaier Chongqing small noodles jiamengfei

Zhao joined the Zaier Chongqing small noodles investors need to pay a certain brand, use cost to the headquarters to join the brand include: cost, margin and brand management costs, the total cost of about 2-3 million. As for the specific cost of joining the local economy must be based on the level and the size of the franchise.

shop, the investment also need to find a suitable store, shop area of about 60 square meters. Zhao joined the Zaier Chongqing small noodles need adequate capital to start to pay to use the brand cost, store rent, renovation costs, equipment costs, the payment documents for the costs and expenses, according to statistics, early to join Chongqing small noodles need to invest 50 thousand -10 million.

The above is the

Zhao Zaier Chongqing small noodles join conditions and join fee simple introduction, if you have and what about other aspects of Zhao Zaier joined the Chongqing small noodles question our message please in our website below, we will arrange the staff to contact you after seeing the message.