variety of fund innovation and entrepreneurship will be established, for young entrepreneurs, are leveraging the platform to boost Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship such social forces can also be better. The "Blue Information Innovation Fund" donation ceremony held recently at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, let’s take a look at the meeting event!

3 13 afternoon, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics "Blue Information Innovation Fund" and set up a donation ceremony in our school Wuchuan Road Campus entrepreneurship center on the first floor lecture hall. Shanghai University of Finance and Economics alumni, at Shanghai golden asset management limited partner, "Blue Information Innovation Fund" to donate a Xie Hong woman, School Education Development Foundation Chairman, vice president of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Fang Hua attended the signing ceremony.

ceremony by the school education development foundation secretary general, director Chen Hongmei presided over the development of cooperation. Cooperation and development director Chen Hongmei on behalf of the Alumni Association, the school board and the foundation invested two million yuan to Xie Hong alumni at his alma mater to donate a "Blue Information Innovation Fund" to thank, and introduces the purpose of the establishment of the fund.