now has a lot of college students entrepreneurship can be said to be varied, at the same time, through the network platform business but also become a new business model, then say that two entrepreneurs is through the typical network business.

the so-called "office snacks", is a variety of snacks in the supermarket San said, such as chewing gum, dried pork, small seeds etc.. With the continuous development of society, more and more white-collar workers in the office to eat snacks to ease the tension and dry atmosphere. It is hard to find time for workers to go to the supermarket."

this model how to make money? Xiang Yuanzhe said, many of their products directly from the factory to factory sourcing, qualification and product quality were strictly controlled, and the scale in the procurement will also be able to purchase cost down about 20%, reduce the sales price. They use micro-blog, BBS, office buildings and other network channels to carry out network marketing, their ride delivery, the cost is not high.

now through the network business needs to identify the source and direction, at the same time, choose a more popular among the people of the product is also very important.


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