for the popular delicacy as everyone knows, people are very fond of, as a new fashion delicacy, bang bang chicken in the market popularity. High visibility, delicious nutrition Chuanshen Bang Bang chicken, worthy of consumers, many entrepreneurs to join in the official online consulting matters Bang Bang chicken Sichuan God bang bang chicken.

we all know, hunger breeds discontentment, broad and profound knowledge of diet, with the progress of society, food and beverage as a "competitive sports", constantly innovative ideas, as long as it can always be "food industry" peak, become the king. Chuanshen Bang Bang chicken franchise? Now, God Chuan Bang Bang chicken join Lo skills history project has a long cultural fragrance, but in order to pursue higher, Sichuan God merchants brand of bang bang chicken innovation of cooked lo, will combine the delicacy and modern eating habits perfect, give consumers a new feeling.

in addition, Sichuan God Bang Bang chicken join the project rich dishes, Sichuan dishes with her essence in addition to halogen, "tender, rib, Yan, hemp, spicy, fresh, fragrant, sweet and bitter" nine features star halogen dishes – bang bang chicken and other famous cooked lo in everything. Like Kawakami lung, Sichuan is fragrant, crisp ear piece, Hot Wing, Ma Xiang Ding, Ding, mellow rabbit rabbit boneless chicken, chicken, white pepper vine lotus root, hair kelp, chewy Yuba, pickled Dried tofu, each different flavor, aroma enticing, lead a person to endless aftertastes.

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