is a national environmental protection in promoting the concept of life, and environmental protection in life now shop is very popular, how to manage the environmental protection industry shop is more money? Small shops operating skills and share environmental protection environmental protection store decoration technique and everyone.

environmental protection how to decorate the store?


, wood flooring, ceramic products, paint, is the biggest spending part of the decoration process, the most concern for consumers. General economic conditions can also be the family investment in these items on the force is not, however, no matter how good design, how expensive materials in detail to grasp properly, will greatly influence the final effect. How to decorate the environmental protection shop? Below, we have some decoration process, easy to be ignored by consumers to carry out a few simple details.

1, skirting line quality:

baseboard in addition to its function of protecting wall, occupies a considerable proportion in the proportion of Home Furnishing appearance. Is the outline of the ground on the ground, the line of sight will naturally fall on the top. Beautiful shape, exquisite workmanship baseboard, can often play the role of eyeball, for your home considerably.

Installation technology of

2, the closet:

if there is a sliding door, sliding door will cause uneven ground, not perfectly closed. So, install cabinets parts, ground and wall to ensure strict horizontal and vertical.

3, light source design: