now, the influence of Western fast food to China’s food and beverage is growing, in China has a large number of stable consumer groups. Selling breakfast, premium food, including Chinese flavor, egg burger, Pork Chop Doushi, are western fast-food brands want to shift through the target population and product positioning style, win more market share in business strategy. However, the traditional tea, can become the product localization of Western fast food next?

is known to all, China is the birthplace of tea, has thousands of years of history and culture. Since ancient times, tea is deeply loved by the people of the beverage, especially with the improvement of living standards and health awareness, with superior nutritional effect of tea is more and more popular. According to statistics, in 2012 China tea planting area of 35 million 780 thousand acres, the annual output of 1 million 761 thousand tons of tea, tea Chinese per capita consumption of more than 0.5 kg of tea consumption in a population of more than more than 400 million people, the tea market size of nearly 100 billion yuan.

, however, the traditional tea brewing method is tedious and complicated, because of different taste brewing methods vary, and the current domestic traditional tea production and the lack of standards, the quality of tea is difficult to obtain long-term stable guarantee. Therefore, although the tea market has a very broad market potential and strong consumer base in China, but the traditional tea does not meet the rapid and convenient at the same time, pay attention to product standardization production strict requirements for Western fast-food brands.

in fact, in recent years China tea enterprises have been continuous efforts in the development of new tea. Recently, there is a well-known domestic tea enterprises to develop innovative research liquid tea, a deep processing of grinding after the extraction of concentrated liquid. Compared with traditional tea, the new liquid tea has a great change.

first, brewing and drinking is simple and convenient, as long as put a small piece of liquid ice can brew a cup of 300-400 ml of tea, with water to drink, brew a cup of tea for 30 seconds can be completed, then can realize the large-scale production of standardized, liquid tea in the retention of the traditional tea nutrition and quality, innovation the production technology according to standard and taste, no traditional tea brewing condition and It differs from man to man. Again, liquid tea hot and cold water can be drunk, and storage time can be up to 12 months.


China restaurant has a lot of food have western fast food, but a lot of people think tea will be difficult to achieve such a goal. However, a variety of synthetic liquid tea, in fact for Western fast food fast develop local tea provides the opportunity. Innovative liquid tea products, or will become the highlight of the localization strategy of Western fast food.