small dumplings have grew up on the hard feelings, not only because of its unique taste, is the most precious memories of our neighbors. A cage soup in the winter people selling streams of people busily coming and going, add a different flavor to the alley in the morning. Now the high streets and back lanes almost all can see the soup shop, soup has become a traditional delicacy the most common in our life, soup has no taste and geographical constraints, where there is very high popularity, the old Hung Hing is a professional engaged in soup brand, product variety, good taste, for many years has been highly sought after consumers.

old soup Hung Hing Museum has been adhere to the "customer first, honesty first" principle, so in the choice of materials and production of products has been very hard, fine selection of dough making, all products are now make and sell the taste at the same time, more health, many people eat very much love, the old hall can be used as a soup Hung Hing join breakfast, lunch and dinner can operate even.

old Hung Hing hall joined not only delicious soup can eat dumplings, wonton soup and beef noodle soup nutrition delicacy, is now relatively old Hongxing by domestic brands welcome a soup, not only because the product is good, rich nutrition is a key factor, good product price has become old Hung Hing dumplings Museum of the biggest bright spot, very suitable for business investment.


Museum has more than and 100 old soup Hung Hing outlets in the country, almost all have good popularity, although we have dumplings to eat a lot, but really want to stop such a big old Hung Hing Museum Brand steamed meat dumpling product is more attractive than ordinary soup, steamed meat dumpling fillings to join the old Hung Hing the type is more rich, tastes better, compared with the majority of people taste.